Young and old...
We treat people of all ages, the youngest being two weeks old and the oldest 92! We treat a lot of babies who have “squashed heads” after difficult assisted deliveries where forceps or ventouse have been used as this can often lead to colicky irritable babies; some may have feeding and sleeping problems. 

We see school children with back problems especially after carrying heavy schoolbags, children who injure themselves doing sports, young adults and students. 

We see a lot of office workers who stiffen up sitting at the computer for prolonged periods, and also tradesmen eg. builders, carpenters, bricklayers who have physical jobs, and those people whose jobs involve repetitive actions eg supermarket check-out workers.

A variety of techniques....
We treat patient using a variety of techniques including soft-tissue massage, articulation, manipulation, cranial, muscle energy, and functional techniques. We use a lot of soft-tissue massage techniques as we believe that the soft tissues have to be loosened up before the joints can move efficiently, and any manipulation that we do is then much easier, both for us as osteopaths to carry out and more importantly, it is more comfortable for the patient. It is also vital as it helps any changes that are produced to be maintained. This is where we differ from the chiropractors who do more manipulation and very little massage and the physiotherapists who use electrical machinery and exercises rather than a hands-on approach.

We also use Cranial Osteopathy, a very gentle technique which can be used on everybody. Because it is so gentle, it is particularly suitable for babies and children. It is also very effective for adults who suffered any accidents, falls and whiplash injuries.