If you have any concerns following your treatment, please read the complaints procedure outlined below.

Please tell me if you have any concerns

We strive to provide you with a high standard of professional care. If you have any concerns about the care that we have provided, please tell Jo Perkins as Principal of the practice. This might give me the opportunity to allay your concerns and improve our service. Concerns can arise through misunderstandings, which can be resolved by simple explanation.

Some patients may experience temporary adverse reactions to treatment, including some pain and stiffness. This is normal, but if you experience a reaction that we have not told you might occur, or if it lasts longer than expected, please tell us.

If the reaction you are experiencing is not normal we will be able to advise or treat you, as appropriate. If it is normal, we will be able to reassure you.

Who to contact

You are welcome to raise any concerns with me directly but I understand that some patients may not wish to do so. Therefore, to assist you, I have nominated another osteopath to investigate your concerns impartially.

The nominee is Mrs Angela Cavil.
Tel: 01443 485302

Postal address:
Pontypridd Osteopathic Clinic
9 Gelliwastad Road,
Rhondda Cynon Taff.
CF37 2BW

How to contact us

We welcome contact by telephone, letter or email. If you write to us, we will assume that you wish us to contact you by letter, unless you indicate that we may telephone you.

Please bear in mind that we try not to interrupt a patient’s treatment to answer telephone calls, so please be prepared to leave a message on an answerphone, remembering to state your name, telephone number and a convenient time when you can receive a return telephone call. We will endeavor to contact you at that time, but if this is not possible we will return your call as soon as we can, and never later than one working day.

What will happen next

I will likely be able to answer your concerns immediately if you contact me directly. However, if you wish to deal with Mrs Angela Cavil she will need time to investigate your concerns. We will take the following steps. The time taken to complete each step may vary depending upon the individual circumstances but will usually be within two working days.

  • If you telephone with a concern, we will return your call at the time specified by you, or if this is not possible, within one working day.
  • If you have raised your concerns by latter, we will write to acknowledge your complaint.
  • If you raise your concerns directly with me, I will invite you to the practice so that we can discuss your concerns in person. If you do not wish to attend a meeting, I will discuss your concerns by telephone, unless you wish to correspond by letter only. Then, I will write to you setting out my response to your concerns.
  • If you raise your concerns with Mrs Angela Cavil,

  1. Mrs Angela Cavil, will investigate your complaint and contact you. She may need to ask you to clarify or expand on the details of your concerns and may need to have sight of your osteopathic records. You may, therefore, need to provide your consent to Mrs Angela Cavil to read your notes. She will inform you if this is necessary; and 
  2. When Mrs Angela Cavil has completed her investigation, she will contact you to invite you to a meeting to discuss your concerns. If you do not wish to attend a meeting, she may telephone you. If you wish to correspond by letter only, Mrs Angela Cavil will write to you setting out the results of her investigation. 

  • If a meeting or telephone discussion is held, you will receive a letter confirming the outcome of the meeting/discussion and any solutions that have been agreed.
  • You may, at any time, make a complaint to my Regulatory Body, the General Osteopathic Council, Osteopathy House, 176 Tower Bridge Road, London. SE1 3LU. Tel: 0207 357 6655

Your privacy counts...

For our full data protection policy, please download our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) document.

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